About TimeLAX, the Largest Independent Los Angeles Time-Lapse Archive in the World.

Back in January, 2012 Randy sent a text message to Ralph around six in the morning with a link to a short time-lapse video asking him if they could make something similar. Ralph immediately said “yes” but with the condition that they had to do things that nobody had done before and go to places that were unique and/or hard to reach and that’s how the TimeLAX project started.

They incorporated pans and tilts from the very first video. The have produced more Los Angeles time-lapse videos than anyone else, they have in fact photographed L.A. from spots that were used later as inspiration/reference by other photographers and they created this space which is the only Internet site dedicated exclusively to time-lapse photography of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

TimeLAX includes different types of photography such as architectural, astro, artistic, experimental and cityscape, which is everyone’s favorite.

What started as a personal challenge for Ralph & Randy, TimeLAX has now become the largest independent Los Angeles time-lapse archive ever created.

TimeLAX is Los Angeles the way you haven’t seen it before!