Frequently Asked Questions. We Do Love Your Questions!


What kind of camera do you guys use?
We use DSLR cameras with a wide variety of lenses.

What are the best places to shoot panoramic photos of Los Angeles?
Griffith Park, Mount Lee, Mount Wilson, Kenneth Hahn Park, Turnbull Canyon and the Verdugo Mountains. Be aware that the farther from the city you go, the chances to encounter wild animals such as rattlesnakes, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats and grizzly bears, increase. Please visit our blog for what we consider the best places to photograph in Los Angeles.

Do you guys use filters?
Yes, sometimes we use filters but it all depends on what we want to accomplish. ND filters are highly recommended to achieve motion blur.

What kind of telescope and adapter do you guys use?
We use two telescopes. One is 1000mm and the other one is 450mm. If you are going to shoot the stars, planets, and the moon with a telescope attached to a DSLR camera you need an adapter and a special ring. Both are sold separately.

What kind of motorized head do you guys use for panning and tilts?
Any motorized head that can hold the weight of the camera with the battery and the lens will do the work. We cannot recommend any specific brands.


Can I use your footage in my production for free?
No, you cannot. Our footage is copyrighted material.

Do you sell your footage?
No, we don’t. We only provide licenses to use it.

How long does it take for you guys to deliver high-resolution clips?
It all depends on how much footage you need but the turnaround is usually between 48 to 72 hours.

Is your footage available in ultra high-definition 4K?
Yes, it is.

Can I license an entire video?
Yes, you can but without music. You must provide a logo for us to insert it as a watermark in the video. The TimeLAX name will be displayed using a small font on one of the corners as well. This is a requirement for videos used as part of product presentations, real estate property promotions and travel business locations such as hotels. If you want to license one of our videos for a music clip neither your logo nor the TimeLAX name have to be inserted.

Can you provide all the footage you have in high-resolution for me to choose what I’m going to use?
No, we cannot. We always recommend to download the web version of our videos first, work with the low-resolution footage and then let us know what you need so we can provide the high-resolution master clips.

Where can I see all available licenses?

Follow this link to see the footage licensing information.


Are you guys available for special time-lapse photography assignments.
Yes, we are.

Do you guys have time-lapse footage not seen in your videos?
Yes, we do. We have thousands of time-lapse clips.

Are you guys planning to work in other cities?
Yes, we have been working in the production of time-lapse videos in Montréal and other locations in the Province of Québec, also New York City, Chicago, Miami, Boston and Las Vegas.

Any other questions?
Feel free to send us an email